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Six Types of Individual Constitution

The six types of individual constitution are:

1. Yin deficiency with blood dryness
2. Yang deficiency with coldness
3. Deficient energy and blood
4. Damp phlegm
5. Energy congestion and blood coagulation
6. Yang exuberance with fire

The six types of individual constitution is the first step in learning TCM Herbal Therapy in Clinical Practice and also in TCM Food Cures in Clinical Practice, because it is essential to know the type of constitution a patient under treatment belongs to. Each type of constitution is identified according to signs, symptoms, and diseases the patient under treatment displays. The following are a few signs, symptoms, and diseases by which the six types of constitution may be identified.

Bleeding gums 1 Vomiting during menstruation 4
Chronic fatigue 1 Tongue: Greasy coating on the tongue. 4
Getting hungry easily 1 Sweet taste in the mouth 4
Dry skin 1 Abdominal distension 5
Pulse over 75 beats per minute 1 Abdominal pain or swelling 5
Short streams of yellowish urine 1 Abdominal rumbling or diarrhea 5
Sore throat 1 Simple obesity 5
Abdominal pain 2 Tongue: Dark-purple tongue 5
Abdominal pain with an aversion to massage 2 When in pain, it often gets worse on pressure and worse at night 5
Headache in the afternoon 2 Withered and wrinkled skin 5
Pulse below 60 beats per minute 2 Yellowish urine 5
Love of hot drink 2 Acute disease 6
Tongue: Light color of tongue or tooth marks on the tongue 2 Getting excited easily 6
Pale lips and tongue 3 Headache 6
Pulse over 70 beats per minute 3 Heavy sensations in the head with
light sensations in the legs
Shortness of breath 3 Pulse over 80 beats per minute 6
Tongue: Light color of the tongue 3 Short streams of reddish
or yellowish urine
Low voice 3 Simple goiter 6
Susceptible to common cold 3 Spasm 6
Withered hair on the head 3 Tongue: Deep-red tongue 6
Heavy sensations in the body 3 Yellowish-red urine 6
Short breath 3