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Course in Nei-Jing and Selecting Treatment Points

Course One:
Implications of the Yellow Emperor's Classics for
Selecting Treatment Points in Acupuncture.

Selecting treatment points in acupuncture is an important step toward success in clinical practice. The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine (Nèi Jīng), including Líng Shū and Sù Wèn, contains many important statements that have implications for selecting treatment points in acupuncture. The purpose of this course is to investigate the contents of this important topic. The following are a few simple examples that demonstrate such implications and give you a glimpse of the contents of this course.

By the time you finish this course, you should be able to prescribe treatment points in your clinical practice with confidence.

This course will present a few dozen implications of the Yellow Emperor's Classics for Selecting Treatment Points in Acupuncture.

Example of implications (1)
Example of implications (2)

A TCM Doctor's Clinical Manual of Acupuncture
When taking this course, you will receive a complimentary copy of my book

Selection of Basic Points p50 26 Confluence Jiāo Huì Points p96
1 Points for symptomatic treatment p50 Specially Marked Points
Paired Off
2 Experience Points p52 27 Source-Yuán & Collateral-Luò Points p98
3 Local and Regional Points p57 28 Back-Shù & Front-Mù Points p100
4 Distal Points p58 28A Front-Mù, Lower Sea Xià Hé, Back-Shù, Source-Yuán Points p102
Points Paired Off p58 29 Cleft-Xì & Influential Bā Huì Points p103
5 Distal & Local Points p58 Traditional Types of Treatment p103
6 Identical Points, Points on Nearby
Meridians, Points with Similar Effect
p63 30 Meridian Syndromes p103
7 Upper & Lower Points p63 31 Basic Syndromes p123
8 Anterior & Posterior Points p64 32 Syndromes of Single Organs p137
9 Crossing Left & Right Points p65 33 Two-Organ Syndromes p145
10 Crossing Upper & Lower Points p66 34 Formulas of Points p151
11 Three Regions p67 35 Moxibustion p197
12 King/ Subject Points p68 36 Cupping p202
Points on System of Meridians p70 37 Points With Special Actions p203
13 Points on Affected Meridians p70 Acupuncture Classics p211
14 Deep-Superficial Meridians p71 38 Classical Texts & Treatises p212
15 Hand-Foot Meridians p72 39 Classical Songs & Verses p220
16 Connecting Meridians p73 Modern Types of TCM Treatment p225
17 Meridian-Meeting Points p79 40 Modern Sciences p226
Specially Marked Points p84 41 Modern Therapies p231
18 Command Points p85 Supplemental p247
19 Source-Yuán Points p87 42 Yin-Yang Meridians p247
20 Collateral-Luò Points p87 42A Yin-Yang Points p247
21 Back-Shù Points p90 43 Mother Points, Child Points, Bĕn Points p248
22 Front-Mù Points p91 44 Sedate South And Tone Up North p249
23 Lower Sea Xià Hé Points p92 45 Meeting-Meridians in Diseased Regions p249
24 Cleft-Xī Points p93 Selecting Points In 60 Periods p251
25 Influential Bā Huì Points p94 List Of Points p354