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Six Types of Individual Constitution
Course in Nei-Jing and
Selecting Treatment Points

Course in TCM Herbal Therapy
in Clinical Practice

Course in TCM Food Cures
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TCM Classics

A Complete Translation of The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine
and the Difficult Classic.

The Original Chinese Texts of Nei-Jing
(Su Wen, Ling Shu) and Nan Jing, With Paragraphs Numbered to Correspond
to the English Translation

The Art of Health and Healing in
Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The Art of Health and Healing
in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Section One: The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Modern Society p1
Section Two: Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine p71
Section Three: Principles of Healing Diseases p171
Section Four: Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine p247
Section Five: TCM Psychology and Mental Health p357
Section Six: Sexuality and Health p441
Section Seven: Healthy Lifestyles p501

Features of the Book

  • a detailed analysis of three facts that get in the way of Western medicine as a medical science: individual types of constitution, chain reactions among internal organs, and functional relationships within the body.

  • an artistic approach to health and healing based upon the fundamental concept that health means balance and harmony of the whole body.

  • a philosophy of life.

  • stories about how dedicated personages had undertaken unusual steps toward becoming outstanding practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine.

  • approximately 300 clinical cases treated successfully by traditional Chinese medicine.

  • four essential reasons why patients opt for traditional Chinese medicine.

  • the art of mental health and healing of mental disorders.

  • how sexual disorders may be corrected by tracing back to their mental and physiological origins. Internal organs and emotional factors play a key role in sexual disorders.

  • ancient wisdom about healthy lifestyles to attain longevity.
Price: $60 plus shipping (Canadian funds)